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“Ty and Leroy did an awesome job! They identified the problem without adding any unnecessary work. They were professional and polite. Qualities like that are especially commendable these days. Many thanks to Degler Waste Services and ALL of their exceptional employees.”

W. O.

“I was very impressed with the initiative Ty and Perish took in finding and solving the problem, even after they found the septic tank in good order. Their broad smiles and great handshakes were reassuring from the minute they drove into the yard! Angie, Ty and Perish — all assets to your company — made the day a much happier one with honesty, prompt and on-time service as promised and fair pricing — the very best kind of delivery and a privilege I try not to take for granted as a single woman needing help!”

Ms. Honey J.

“Michael and Richard were EXCELLENT!!! Timely, knowledgeable, technically proficient, thorough, and friendly. They surveyed the tank, removed an old PVC piece from down in the tank bottom, and tested the water flow from the house into the tank. They determined our “in-house” care was working to keep the septic system properly operational. Michael and Richard dug just enough to reach the tank door, not disturbing any more area than necessary. A MOST positive overall experience. Angie and Rhonda are also excellent to work with in scheduling and follow-up. When I scheduled this “preventative” pumping on their recommended time-frame, they came out that afternoon.”


“HUGE thanks to these guys from Degler Waste Services for coming to the rescue today when we had septic tank issues and a backup in the house with sewage. They came same day, worked overtime, and also informed us on septic tank care. Two thumbs up!”

Lowcountry Spotlight

“Thank you so much for your help with our smelly septic issue! Tyrone and Tony were super helpful and figured out the problem immediately. We really appreciate you, and it’s so nice to see awesome customer service still exists! 🙂 Great job, Degler Waste Services!”


“Thank you for such good service late Friday afternoon, after hours. Your son was very nice and did a wonderful job. He handled that large truck extremely well and finished the job quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend you and your service to anyone in need. Thank you again.”

Frances C.

“We had our septic tank pumped out today. The two young men who came were very polite and got to work immediately. They were very professional and made sure I saw that the job was complete. Thank you, Degler Waste Services, for a great job.”

B. Cook

“Your crew just left our house in Beaufort, and I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much I appreciated Ty Keith. He was so kind, and he went the extra mile to show me not only an issue with our tank, but also pointed out that we have an irrigation line running over it, so that the next person that services it can take precautions not to break it. Thanks for coming so quickly and an extra thank you to Mr. Keith! Merry Christmas,”

Lauren T.

“I had our septic tank cleaned this morning and wanted to note that Laurente was extremely courteous, professional, and meticulous. For example, when covering the tank access with dirt, he put much effort into using all the loose dirt and placing the sod back in place– more effort than I might have given. If all your employees are like him, your business is in great shape.”

Tim Bockelman

“I made an appointment late Friday with Heidi for our septic tank to be pumped out. Heidi was very professional and thorough. She made sure I understood the process, including costs and the timeframe for our appointment the next morning, which was a Saturday. I‘d never dealt with plumbing issues before, and my husband is deployed, so I was really out of my element, but I couldn’t have been in better hands. Jordan was at my house within the 2-hour window I was given, and he and the gentleman with him quickly handled business, being careful and respectful of our property. Jordan, Heidi, and the Degler team fully exceeded my expectations. They were kind, courteous, honest, and professional. I will happily recommend them any chance I get. Many thanks!”

Mrs. Wade