Why a Strong Septic System is Key to Successful Food Service

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Cleanliness is a top priority for any restaurant owner. A clean establishment is a safe and inviting one, and a safe and inviting environment will attract customers. Keeping things clean involves the usual – following proper food handling practices, washing dishes, scrubbing tables and floors – but it also involves looking after your restaurant’s septic system.

Why a Strong Septic System is Key to Successful Food Service

Septic systems are onsite plumbing systems. They consist of an underground holding tank, a grease trap (also called a grease skimmer), and a drain field (also called a leach field) feeding into the soil. A septic system’s job is to filter your wastewater. When sinks, dishwashers, toilets, and anything else with a drain is used at your establishment, the liquid waste passes through to the drain field, while the solid waste remains in the holding tank. The grease trap catches any floating grease in the wastewater before it reaches the drain field.

Some ways to prevent excess waste buildup in your septic tank (and subsequent backup of wastewater into your drains) include:

  • Reduce garbage disposal use (have staff scrape food waste into the garbage bin instead of flushing it down the disposal before washing)
  • Run your dishwasher at a lower sanitizing temperature (extremely hot water can emulsify grease, allowing it to bypass your grease trap and reach your drain field)
  • Keep plants, vehicles, and heavy objects away from your septic tank and drain field (plant roots and heavy materials can clog or damage your septic system).

The above will all help things run smoothly, but the best way to keep your system going strong is to have your septic tank pumped regularly. We at Degler Waste Services will thoroughly clean and pump your tank, as well as perform general maintenance on your entire septic system. We want to extend the longevity of your septic system and keep a clean, safe environment for your food service. Contact us today – we are more than happy to assist.