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septic If you have a septic system at your home, but you find yourself requiring one at your commercial business as well, you may be wondering what exactly the difference is between the two types of systems. Wouldn’t they perform the same kind of wastewater management?

The answer is yes – residential and commercial systems both have the same basic principles applied, but a residential septic system is different from a commercial one in a few distinct ways:

  • Size – One of the most obvious differences with commercial septic systems over residential ones is the size. In fact, if a commercial space doesn’t have the right layout to accommodate a drain field, it’s possible that a septic company will need to install a vertical system to ensure that wastewater management is handled properly.
  • Treatment – Another difference with residential and commercial septic systems is the treatment of the wastewater. Because of the size of the commercial system and the volume of wastewater that moves through the septic system, it may need pre-treatment of the effluent for faster breakdown before it moves to the drain field.
  • Maintenance – Routine maintenance of any septic system is critical, but with commercial systems, they may need professional maintenance more often, or require specialty maintenance to ensure that the septic bacteria is doing its job. Each septic system is a little different, and a septic company will make recommendations for the best maintenance practices.

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