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Storm drains are commonly cleaned by using high-pressure water

Unlike a certain popular horror film would like you to believe, creepy clowns are not hiding in your storm drain. But what is hiding in your storm drain? As the result of heavy rainfall and large storms, storm drains can get chock-full of debris, dirt, rocks, leaves, twigs and more. Additionally, storm drains tend to act as a trash can for trash that ends up on the roads. These large obstructions can quickly clog up storm drains.

Regular storm drain cleaning is essential to safe and clean streets and structures. Storm drains are commonly cleaned by using high-pressure water to push built-up debris out and away. It is also important to consider that many storm drains lead to rivers or lakes, so ensuring that cleaning methods are environmentally friendly is crucial. 

Storm drains can also be attached to homes and buildings. These types of storm drains help remove standing water from rooftops. If not removed, standing water can cause damage (including leaks, mold, mildew, etc.) to residences and properties.  

If a storm drain clogs, it can be a major safety hazard to your local streets. Why? Clogged storm drains mean that there is nowhere for water to go, and standing water (or even flooding) sidewalks and busy streets. This can increase the likelihood of car and pedestrian accidents.

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