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construction debris containers

It’s no big secret that demolition and construction both create a lot of debris! Especially in larger remodeling or building projects, you will need access to construction debris containers for all the demolition debris that will be created during your project. When you get a construction debris container, you might think that you can toss whatever you don’t want around anymore into the construction debris container. However, there are guidelines to what can and what cannot go into a construction debris container.

Just like the name implies, construction debris containers can accept construction debris without issues. These things can include old cabinets, scraps of drywall and wood, carpeting materials, padding, wallpaper, tile and mastic materials, light fixtures, doors, windows and more. As a general rule, most items that are used in the construction of property can be disposed of in a construction debris container.

There are some things that shouldn’t ever be thrown away in construction debris containers that you might find in used on a job site. Things like batteries, which leak acid that can seep into the groundwater. Paint, stains and varnishes are also not allowed in construction debris containers. If the paint can is empty and dry, that can be thrown away. Many cities do not allow furniture or mattresses in containers of any sort, so check with local authorities on those. Wood that has been treated, such as railroad ties or fencing materials, should also be avoided.

If you would like to get a more comprehensive list of what can and what cannot be placed into a construction debris container, please contact us here at Degler Waste Services and also contact your local municipal authorities.