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Whether you are planning new construction or have an existing home with a failing drain field, it will help if you have at least a basic understanding about how drain field installation works so you can choose the right company for the job. It is always best to know what questions to ask so that you have the right expectations for the project at hand. Here are three considerations about drain field installation you should know:

Understanding Drain Field Installation

  1. Location – There are many considerations when choosing the location for your drain field installation. You want an area where there aren’t any large trees or other landscaping issues that will infringe on the effectiveness of your drain field. Other things to consider when choosing a location include being able to keep vehicles off the drain field and not putting the field where weather conditions could cause a problem.
  2. Soil – The way a drain field works is it filters the liquids from your septic tank, which then drain into the ground, so it is important that the soil for your drain field installation have the capabilities necessary to do that. If it doesn’t, the wastewater could rise to the surface instead of slowly easing into the ground.
  3. Size – Be sure to discuss with your drain field installation company your current and future household size so that the size of the drain field can accommodate properly. Code regulations state the minimum based on number of bedrooms, but that may be inadequate if you have a large family or plan to expand your family with more children.