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Grease Trap Cleaning

You probably already know that it is a bad idea to let grease, oils and fats get into your home’s drains and septic system. The same is true for your restaurant, but that is a more challenging thing to do when you likely have several fried foods and flavorful fats in other dishes on your menu. That is why having grease traps is so important at a restaurant. They are critical for preventing major problems with drain lines, sewer or septic lines, and more. However, they are only useful if you also have regular grease trap cleaning performed. Here are the top reasons why that is so important:

  • Reduce odors. Bad odors are the kiss of death at a restaurant, so the last thing you need is noxious odors coming from your restaurant’s drains.
  • Code regulations. Most local governments require you to have regular grease trap cleaning and show documentation when you are inspected. Since this inspection can often happen randomly and the fines and penalties can be high, it is better to stay on the appropriate schedule.
  • Avoid backups. Regular grease trap cleaning will help you avoid an emergency backup situation, which could affect your kitchen’s performance and leave you a nasty mess to clean up.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. If you don’t have grease trap cleaning done regularly, it will be much harder to do after the sediment has strongly adhered. This can result in higher maintenance costs overall and even repair costs.

Here at Degler Waste Services, we can help you stay on track with grease trap cleaning. We’ll set up a schedule that fits your business volume and menu, so you can focus on what you do best – making your customers happy with great food and an attentive, friendly staff.