Three Septic Care Tips

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Your septic system is an unseen and vital part of your home or business. You may not notice it from day to day, but that doesn’t diminish the need to take steps to ensure the proper function of it. There are many things you can do in your daily life as well as over the years that will help ensure that your septic keeps working for you for years to come. Our top three septic care tips are:

  1. Inspection – It is important to have your septic system inspected at least once every three years by a septic professional.

Three Septic Care Tips

  1. Pumping – In addition to having your septic inspected every three years, you should also have it pumped every three to five years. The frequency of pumping is determined by:
    1. How much wastewater you generate
    2. The number of people living in the home
    3. The size of the tank
    4. Amount of solids in your wastewater
  2. Water Usage – Take the time to evaluate and assess how much water you are using. Excess water usage will cause your septic to fill up faster than expected. You can help to reduce the amount of water in your septic by:
    1. Not allowing your faucets to run while brushing teeth and doing dishes
    2. Be sure to only run the dishwasher and washing machine when full
    3. Making the switch to high-efficiency toilets to conserve water

With proper care and maintenance, your septic system should last you a very long time. If you need an inspection or pumping, please give us a call at Degler Waste Services.