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If you have a septic system, chances are good that you know some of the basic ground rules. Things like never using bleach products and knowing what type of septic system you have are all crucial and will affect the way that your septic system functions. However, there are some other features of your lifestyle that actually affect your septic system that you may not have realized, including:

  • Laundry Days- A septic system works on a more slow and steady type of pace. It needs time to allow solids to float to the top while the waste water moves down the line for further filtering. When you do all of your laundry at once, you flood the tank with more water that it can separate in a short amount of time, which can lead to problems. Instead, try spacing your laundry out during the day or during the week.
  • Gardening- When you plant things near or around your drain field, you are potentially causing trouble for your septic system. Roots growing into drain field pipes are one of the most common problems that we run into at Degler Waste Services when we are called for septic repairs.
  • More People- These days, more and more people are expanding their homes to care for aging parents. While this is kind and generous, don’t forget that extra people in your household will shorten your timeframe between septic pumping appointments.

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