Septic Tank Maintenance: What Not to Flush

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When it comes to septic tank maintenance, you may be on the fence about really needing to worry over your septic system. If you have it cleaned regularly and feel like you don’t do much to really affect your septic tank, there may be one thing you haven’t thought of that could impact your septic system greatly: what goes down the toilet.

Septic Tank Maintenance: What Not to Flush

There are many things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, including some items that may seem harmless in the short term but can have lasting effects in the long term. Here is a brief list of items you should avoid putting down the toilet to aid in septic tank maintenance over time.

  1. Baby Wipes – Did you know that baby wipes, even the “flushable” kind, don’t dissolve in water the way toilet paper does? That means even if the wipes make it through your plumbing system, they can land in your septic tank, where they will stay for good.
  2. Cotton Products – Cotton products like makeup applicators and Q-tips are also things to avoid. They can clog your system and also take a long time to break down once they reach your septic tank.
  3. Menstrual Products & Diapers – These products are meant to absorb water, and therefore, if they don’t clog your plumbing, they can rest in your septic tank, continuing to absorb water and waste found there. This can cause an unexpected need for septic tank maintenance if left unattended.
  4. Condoms – Condoms are simply plastic that will not break down. They will arrive permanently in your septic system, only to create problems for the bacteria in your septic tank.
  5. Hair & Dental Floss – Hair and dental floss can also be problematic because they create a sort of “net” across your plumbing and create clogs all along the way to your septic tank. In fact, hair never breaks down, meaning it can create a multitude of problems for your septic system over time.

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