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Septic System Tips Everyone Should KnowSeptic systems are a great way to take care of wastewater for a business or residential property. However, if the parts of your septic system are not installed or cared for correctly by professionals, you could be dealing with the fallout for many years to come! At Degler Waste Services, we would like to give you a few septic system tips so you can make the most of your septic system.

  • First, no bleach. We cannot stress this part enough! Bleach is a very effective killer of bacteria and microbes, both of which are needed by your septic tank to break down solids in your wastewater. More importantly, bleach does not differentiate between good and bad bacteria. Flushing any kind of bleach down any drain can cause a lot of expensive damage to septic systems, so choose other cleaning products instead.
  • Second, know where your septic system parts are located. When you know where everything from the tank to the drain field is located, you can take care to avoid driving on your drain field or covering up your access point to your tank. This is also helpful in times of emergency when you need to know where these parts are located quickly.
  • Finally, get regular septic services and maintenance. This is an essential septic system tip that everyone needs to know! Your septic tank can only handle so much before it will overflow. Regular pumping and maintenance checks can keep septic systems problem-free.

These are just a few of our septic system tips. Contact us today to learn even more!