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Septic Services: The 3 Most Common Septic Repairs

When you think of septic services, you probably think of having your septic tank cleaned and inspected with some regularity – and you’d be right! This is an essential part of keeping your entire septic system working its best. But what about those other times that you need to call for septic services because you’re experiencing something unexpected? Here are the three most common septic repairs that would require you to call for septic services prior to your normal routine cleaning appointment:

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  1. Pipe Repairs – Your wastewater travels from your home through your plumbing system and to your septic system, where it is then processed for safe transport back into the groundwater. If at any point the pipes that transport your wastewater bust or become damaged, they will need to be serviced right away.
  2. Drain Field Problems – Drain field failure is another reason you’ll need to call for septic services right away. Early warning signs of drain field problems include strange odors in your yard or wet grass over the drain field, but it hasn’t been raining. Because your drain field is a critical component of your septic system, calling in the professionals is a must.
  3. Aerobic Bacteria Replacement – Part of what makes your septic tank work best is having the active aerobic bacteria to aid in the process of waste breakdown. If your septic tank can’t do this job because the bacteria are dormant or otherwise compromised, you may need to call for septic services to get your septic system working again.

At Degler Waste Services, we can address any of these septic concerns, as well as provide a variety of other septic services for your home or business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.