Renting An Event Bathroom Trailer Can Elevate Your Party

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You’ve planned a wonderful outdoor event, but you’re worried that regular porta potties aren’t really appropriate for your gathering. That’s where we at Degler Waste Services come in! We have event bathroom trailers that will elevate the overall experience for your guests. So whether you need the trailer for a family reunion, wedding, or company party, our event bathroom trailers are available for your guests to use.

Renting An Event Bathroom Trailer Can Elevate Your Party

So what are event bathroom trailers? They are modern, portable restrooms that are almost like using real bathrooms. Event bathroom trailers can be easily towed to the event location. Since they are on a trailer, they can be placed just about anywhere, unlike porta potties.

Another plus side is that, unlike porta-potties, these bathrooms have temperature regulation. During the summer, they are air-conditioned, and during the winter, they are heated, keeping your guests comfortable. They also work like real bathrooms. While waste may not go into the sewers, they are flushable, have running water to wash your hands, and have electricity.

Event bathroom trailers are cozy, stylish, and well-maintained. While the trailer may be plain on the outside, the interior is clean, neat, and welcoming, unlike the plastic alternative. They are equipped with all the comforts you need for a successful event. Give us a call get answers to all your questions or schedule a time to look at our event bathroom trailers.