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The value of your home and your health far outweighs the cost of having periodic services performed to avoid sewage backups. There are several jobs around your house that should be left to professionals, and those that prevent backups should be at the top of your list. Not only is it unpleasant to have sewage in your home, but it is also incredibly dangerous. The best way to keep you and your home safe and clean is to avoid backups altogether.

Protecting Your Home Against Sewage Backups

Here are a few simple guidelines that will protect your home against sewage backups:


  • Schedule routine septic system cleanings. If the septic tank is regularly pumped and appropriately cared for, the risk of a backup will be dramatically reduced.
  • Use toilets only for flushing waste and toilet paper. Avoid flushing food, paper towels, floss, wipes, cigarette butts, or anything else that may clog the pipes.
  • Make sure you have your sewer pipe professionally cleaned. Sludge does build up over time and needs to be eliminated to provide a clear path for sewage to travel out of your home.
  • Consider having an instrument installed that will automatically close to prevent sewage from backing up into your home from the main sewer.

If you have experienced a sewage backup, you know it requires calling professionals to come in and clean it up. If it is not thoroughly treated, you could have a variety of very nasty results, including illnesses or parts of your home needing to be replaced. Make sure your home is functioning at its highest efficiency, especially if you have several people living there or coming to visit. You can do this by ensuring that the pipes are regularly cleaned and cleared of obstructive objects or buildup.