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Our Treatment Plan Makes Wastewater Processing Incredibly Efficient

At Degler Waste Services, we want all our future and current clients to know we have a pre-treatment wastewater plant onsite. When waste material from homes and restaurants is dumped at our treatment plant, the waste is neutralized with lime in holding tanks and processed using polymer. From disposal to processing, the entire process only takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

During the treatment process, the waste is separated from the water and the water flows out of the waste containers (You can see this process taking place in the video below). The solids are maintained in the waste water containers and need to be manually removed.

It only takes about two minutes for the waste to go from the holding tank to the wastewater container. As the waste flows from the holding tanks, the polymer is injected into it and the water separation process begins. Essentially, you go from waste matter in a holding tank to practically clear drinking water coming out of the port holes on the side of the wastewater containers in about two minutes.

We are proud of the incredible efficiency of our treatment plant, which has been open since 2007, and look forward to many more years of operation. If you want to know more about the capabilities of our treatment plant and how we can serve your home or business, reach out to us today.