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The drain field is one of the most basic and critical components of a septic system. A drain field (also known as a leech field) is where the degraded liquid waste from your septic tank seeps out to evaporate from your system. A drain field must be large enough in capacity to handle the septic system’s usage of your facility or property at any given time. A healthy drain field evaporates completely and doesn’t have standing water.

If You Need Drain Field Installation, Turn it Over to Our Professionals

If you see puddles or a lot of cracking on the surface of your drain field, that means that it is not working properly, and new drain field installation may be needed. Failure of an existing drain field can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Overuse – Being used beyond the capacity it was designed for, such as for more laundry, holidays with more people, an increase in the number of people regularly using the system, decrease in the time between heavy usage, and even rarely pumping the tank on a schedule appropriate to the system’s usage.
  • Poor Multi-Use – Being used for other purposes, such as pasture for lots of livestock, planting trees, or driving heavy equipment over the surface. These practices may compact the drain field or interfere with its drainage and risk the failure of the field.
  • Tank Failure – When a septic tank fails, it may allow sewage sludge to proceed into the lines designed for evaporating the degraded liquid waste from your septic system. Poor drainage means that your drain field may not be able to properly handle the additional liquid waste coming through the system.


If drain field installation is in your future, we can help! Give us a call today to discuss the detail of your drain field installation project.