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How Thorough Was Your Last Septic Tank Cleaning?

They come out and pump out your septic tank and you think that’s got you covered for a while, right? Perhaps not. Not all septic tank cleaning companies actually clean the tank; they only empty it and maybe not even completely. Many leave behind as much as 30% of the contents and they never clean the inside whatsoever. Here are the main reasons why this might not be the way you want to go:

  • Sludge – If the tank is not completely emptied, what is usually left behind is sludge. This is the part of the waste that isn’t getting broken down, so if it is not removed, it can eventually block the tank and cause damage. Prevention always beats the cure when it comes to septic tank maintenance. Getting all the sludge out is the only way to preserve the integrity of the septic tank, not to mention the drain field. Additionally, never let the sludge equal more than 1/3 of the depth of the septic tank.
  • Sanitary – Your yard is where children play, people walk, and so forth. Do you really want something right there under the grass that isn’t cleaned out thoroughly from time to time?
  • Wasting money – If your septic tank is not thoroughly pumped and cleaned, it will need to be pumped out again sooner. Over the course of your lifetime, you could easily pay for a dozen or more unnecessary pump outs.

The way to know if your septic tank cleaning company is tending to the job thoroughly is to watch. It can’t be done in just a few short minutes, and you should observe them using a tool that dislodges the sludge so it can be vacuumed out. Also, watch that they do not add anything back into the tank. Some will tell you this is needed, but the truth is they are just trying to save themselves some money.

When you want a thorough septic tank cleaning expert, call us at Degler Waste Services. We always completely empty the tanks and professionally clean them afterward so you can feel confident letting your family play in the yard.