How Does a Portable Bathroom Trailer Work?

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You’ve ordered a portable bathroom trailer for your event, but you are a little curious about how it works. It’s completely understandable. Many people are impressed with the upscale feel of portable bathrooms and the fact that they seem like normal bathrooms. So how does a working bathroom get wrapped into a pretty package on top of a trailer? Here’s a peek behind the curtain.

How Does a Portable Bathroom Trailer Work?

Portable bathroom trailers aren’t a new invention. They have been around since 1984 when PolyJohn Corporation decided to create an alternative to the porta-potty. On top of being unsanitary, porta-potties were hot, stuffy, smelly, and lacked the comfort of a working bathroom, which is where the trailer restrooms come in handy. Most bathroom trailers come with air conditioning and a nice ambiance.

But one of the best parts of a portable bathroom trailer is the running water for washing your hands and  flushing the toilet. Most often, portable bathroom trailers have hose hook-ups for running water, and often freshwater tanks just in case. The trailer is equipped with three tanks in total. One is for fresh water, another for grey water from the sinks, and a black water tank for toilet waste. They are cleaned and delivered to your event empty and ready for use.

Bathroom trailers can be used for many different purposes. They are often used at outdoor weddings but can be used at other events and even at construction sites. They are convenient, comfortable, and elevate any gathering. If you’d like to rent a portable bathroom trailer, contact us today.