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Grease Traps – Not Just for Restaurants

When you think about grease traps, you probably think about restaurants. After all, they are the ones that deal with oil, grease, and fat as they prepare all those family favorites, like fried chicken and French fries. However, with the significant rise in other businesses offering ready-made meals for on the go, grease traps are becoming important for other types of food establishments as well.

  • Convenience stores – As fast food restaurants have become not so fast anymore, convenience stores are finding increased interest in those hotdogs, nachos, and other hot and ready-to-go foods. That means there are machines to clean and grease to contend with.
  • Grocery stores – It used to be only the more boutique-style chains offered hot and ready meals, but now most offer everything from rotisserie chicken to full turkey dinners at Thanksgiving. Grocery stores have gone far beyond just preparing subs and sandwiches and thus need grease traps to contend with the grease, oils, and fat used.
  • Your home – As prices rise for restaurant meals, many families are preparing more meals at home and that means that homes can also be a good option for grease traps, especially to avoid septic system problems. Residential grease traps are sometimes referred to as grease interceptors.

If you would like to know more about grease traps for your business or home, contact us at Degler Waste Services. We have helped deal with grease, oil, and fats at a variety of places over the years since starting our family owned business in 1975. Let us help you keep your septic or sewage system operating properly by avoiding the problems that excess grease can cause.