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Grease Trap Cleaning in Wellford, South Carolina
When it comes to septic tank maintenance, grease trap cleaning is often overlooked. The grease trap is an essential part of your septic system. It is located between the pipes and as water pushes through the pipes, it keeps grease from entering into your septic tank. It is important to have the grease trap cleaned so it does not do extensive damage to your septic system.

When the grease trap has not been properly cleaned out, it allows grease and grime to enter into your septic tank. When the grease settles and cools, it gets thick and solid. This can cause major issues with your septic system. The solidified grease causes clogs and blockages in your septic system.  These clogs can cause your septic system to back up, and raw sewage could come into your home from the drains and toilets. The grease could also cause cracks in your septic tank and in the pipes. Grease trap cleaning will eliminate this problem and keep your septic system running smoothly.

Grease trap cleaning is especially important for businesses with septic systems. Restaurants are especially susceptible to grease trap problems because there is a lot of grease that goes down the drains. Failing to properly clean grease traps could cause problems for your business and even cause it to be shut down while repairs are done on your septic system.  Grease trap cleaning will help make sure you do not lose business as a result of septic system failures.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to come to your home or business for grease trap cleaning, call us today at Degler Waste Services. We are a family owned and operated business with years of experience performing grease trap cleaning.