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Septic Systems

When you consider that anyone can put information out there on the Internet, it makes sense that not everything you read or watch will be factual. This has led to a fair number of myths circulating about septic systems and how to care for them. Here are the most commonly believed myths and what the truth really is.

Myth #1 – You don’t have to pump out septic systems if you use additives.

The reality is that additives aren’t as effective as you might think. While some do help keep the good bacteria working, many on the market are only minimally beneficial and some can be damaging. Even the best products out there, however, do not eliminate the need to have the septic tank pumped out every few years. This is needed to get the sludge out before it can fill up the tank and cause a problem.

Myth #2 – You shouldn’t have the tank completely emptied, so you leave some good bacteria in place.

If a septic company tells you they are leaving some material behind for this purpose, that is a good sign they aren’t the company you want. If you don’t have your tank completely pumped and cleaned out, you’ll need service again far sooner than you would have. Don’t worry about the bacteria as it will develop on its own and get to work again just fine.

Myth #3 – You can put anything you want down the drains and toilet as it’ll all get pumped out anyhow.

The truth is that septic systems are not trash cans. You should only permit biodegradable, non-antibacterial items into the tank.

If you would like to know more about how to avoid the myths regarding septic systems, give us a call at Degler Waste Services. We have served this area since 1975 with honest and reliable septic cleaning services.