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Avoid These 3 Things When Caring for Grease Traps
If you operate a business that uses a grease trap with any regularity, then you most likely know that this piece of equipment is an essential part of your daily operations. Not only does a grease trap keep grease and debris out of other working spaces, but it also ensures that your sewer lines remain free and clear of potentially hazardous materials.

There are a few things in terms of maintenance and care, however, that could make your grease traps problematic at your business. Here are three important things you should avoid when caring for your grease traps:

  1. Use Your Own Cleaners – You may have heard (or even tried) solvents or enzymes to clean your grease traps on your own. Unfortunately, these unproven methods could cause more issues by simply separating the grease from the water, and therefore it still congeals in your sewers causing clogs.
  2. Install Grease Traps Haphazardly – It seems obvious that grease trap installation needs to be correct for the equipment to work. If you notice that your trap doesn’t have any grease in it, but it should, you will want to have a professional double check it for proper installation.
  3. Forget to Schedule Cleaning – Routine grease trap cleaning is the best way to keep your business operations flowing, remain within your local and state regulatory requirements, and keep your sewer lines from sustaining damage. If you haven’t scheduled cleaning of your grease traps recently, it’s time to make a call.

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