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portable toilets can provide easy access to bathrooms

Finding access to a bathroom is something that many people need to do when they are out and about! While most of us can use a bathroom that is located inside our homes, office or other properties, there are instances when we might need to have access to portable toilets that we rent from experts like ours at Degler Waste Services. Some of these instances include the following four examples.

  1. Construction on home or business. When you are having any kind of construction or renovation on your home, renting a portable toilet is a smart thing to do. Not only will many construction projects require you to shut off the water, but it saves you the awkward conversation of workers wondering if they can use your own personal bathrooms.
  2. Large gatherings. For any large gatherings, portable toilets are a must. Things like family reunions, work functions, street fairs, etc. should all give access to portable toilets.
  3. Race organization. When you have a race of any distance or length, having portable toilets along the race route is an absolute must for the racers and volunteers to access.
  4. Insufficient bathroom access. If your gathering is near a bathroom, but there are more people than there is bathroom availability, portable toilets can provide easy access to bathrooms instead of making everyone wait in long lines!

At Degler Waste Services, we have been working since 1975 to make portable toilets and other waste services easily accessible. Let us know today how we can provide your next function with portable toilets.