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Roll off containers are big, bulky, and can hold a ton of trash

Having a roll off container can be a huge help on any large-scale project. Ask yourself these three questions below prior to booking your roll off container rental.

  1. What is your project? Knowing what type of project you have will help you determine if you need a roll off container. Projects that are idea for the rental of a roll off container include new construction, home remodeling, landscaping projects, and natural disaster cleanup.
  3. Where is your project? Roll off containers are big, bulky, and can hold a ton of trash. If you are going to be spending the money to rent a roll off container, make sure you are in an area that allows for such a container. Some residential areas may require a permit, charge a fee, or not allow roll off containers all together. Rent from a local company that can provide you all of this information upfront.
  4. Who do you choose for your roll off container rental? This is the most important question to answer. It is crucial that you do research to find the best company for your roll off container rental. There are so many great resources online to help you do this research, including online reviews and customer testimonials. You want to rent from a company that is upfront about their prices and policies. It is also crucial to know specific procedures for container drop-off and waste removal.

Here at Degler Waste Services, we understand your needs and are here to treat you like family. We have been in business since 1975, and we are committed to making your roll off container rental experience stress-free.